Has your kid grown out of their KimiRoo clothing and you now would like a bigger size?

As part of my trying to be sustainable thing, I feel it’s important to try and close the loop on things as much as possible.

I really feel like we should wear things for as long as possible and take care of them so they can be gifted over and over. I totally encourage everyone to please pass any of my clothes you buy down to other kids when your littles have grown out of them or to sell them on, but I’m aware not everybody has kids to pass them to and not everyone is into selling things on as let’s be fair some of the online selling services are an almighty faff to plop stuff on.

Sooo I’m offering discounts on new items if you want to send me yours back. Like a new jacket for your kid if they have grown out of theirs or new dungarees in their new size etc.

Here is how it will work….

  • Message me via the Contact page telling me what you have and what you would like
  • I’ll send you a one time code for 30% off which you can use in my store on the same item (if you have a different item like dungarees but want a jacket to message me too and I’ll see what I can do)
  • Send me your item
  • Once received I will start on your new item
  • I’ll then send you the new item in my usual turnaround time
  • Your old item will be put up for sale on my “Preloved” section of my website