What are your delivery times/costs?

Please see here for info about anything to do with turnaround and delivery

Can I return items if they don’t fit?

I always try and make sure to buy sizes that aren’t fitted unless it’s been requested and would always suggest sizing up, especially on jackets. Sizing varies by brand though so it’s hard to be exact when sourcing. If you’re not happy with the fit when it arrives then please contact me about returns. There is more info here

Do you take custom orders?

Not usually as I spend a lot of time on my other items, buuuuut if you have something specific in mind then contact me and we can discuss your idea. You might catch me in an especially creative mood 😁

Can I send you denim to upcycle?

Of course! If you have a denim jacket already please do message me and we can work something out. You will of course get a little discount as I’ve avoided having to source the denim. I’m trusting people not to just pop out to buy a cheap new thing to send me as that kind of defeats the point of upcycling, buuuut I know you are a super awesome person who wouldn’t do that 👍.

Please also see my section on my Preloved Project for info on discounts for sending me things, especially if you already have one of my items and want a new size.

Who makes the items?

Me 👋🏻 I am pretty much a one woman business so everything is done by my hands. I source the items, do all the prep, crochet, photography, pack it all up, do all my own marketing and deal with emails and messages. Phew! The only other people involved are my husband who designed my website and my little small who draws the little smiley stamps on the cards inside your order and models stuff for me. She is paid well with cuddles, crisps and ice cream and usually claims things I make as her own.

Are your items vegan and cruelty free?

Yup. I’m vegan too so no sheep’s wool here and no leather bits on denim. Any products I might use to wash denim items are also vegan and cruelty free too 🌱

Where do you source your items?

I buy all my denim items secondhand. I usually find them in charity shops (although I don’t buy from any charity that tests on animals), car boot sales and online sellers. I clean and prep each item before crocheting and check everything over. If there are any small blemishes in the denim I will mention this in the item description.

Are your clothes sustainable?

The short answer is no. All items are second hand and upcycled and leftover denim is used to make other items like my patches, but I can’t say my items are sustainable and I won’t be doing any “greenwashing” here. I mainly use cotton yarn which has its own issues with water consumption etc and as yet more sustainable cotton doesn’t come in the colours that I need. I currently also use cotton/acrylic blends and acrylic yarn too although I’m considering stopping once my stash is gone. I know these aren’t at all sustainable as they are basically plastic. As soon as I can get a yarn that comes in all the rainbow colours and is good for the planet I will of course swap over and I am always looking for new things, but for now I just hope people look after their clothes and keep passing them on and on.

My idea of taking items that already exist and making them into something special felt more useful to me right now than if I just brought brand new items, even if organic, in to the world. There are plenty of wonderful sellers already doing that and I didn’t want to add to them.

Will items shrink?

Denim items shouldn’t shrink as they are already second hand and washed probably multiple times. The new cotton I add in to the sleeves may shrink a little as it’s the nature of the fibre, but I always try to crochet slightly bigger to allow for this. I always ask customers to please follow the washing instructions of ideally not washing much at all (especially jackets) but hand washing in cool water when necessary, reshaping and air drying flat. Acrylic sleeves shouldn’t have any issues although again please follow the same instructions anyway and definitely don’t tumble dry or iron.

If you have to use the washing machine (I’m a parent of a mud monster, I get it) then wash at 30 or less, even better if you have a cool/hand wash setting on it.

Still have some questions?

Please message me with any other questions via my contact page or just give us a shout on Instagram