So after lots of messages about this I’m now offering jackets for colourful grown ups 🌈

At the moment I’m only offering ‘Out of this World’ as it’s my most popular design, but I certainly plan to do the others eventually too.

Due to adult jackets in all sizes being slightly more difficult to get though I won’t be offering them through the shop like I would usually. Larger sizes are especially hard to find secondhand and are sometimes actually impossible for me to find so I don’t want to take money and go ahead until I know I can actually get you one.

So here is how you order

‘Out of this World’ Jackets – £150 plus £8.80 postage for all sizes

If you would like one please message me below telling me…

  • Which size you would like
  • If you are ideally looking for a lighter or darker denim jacket
  • Any requests for type of fit (fitted/baggy/cropped)
  • Yarn type – Pastel cotton blend (as in the photo above) or Bright 100% cotton (see kids jackets as I haven’t made a big one yet)

I will then see what I can find, message you photos and work with you to find the right jacket and when you’re happy I will then send you a PayPal invoice for the item. Turnaround is my usual 4-6 weeks (see top of page or IG for updates as it can sometimes be longer).

Alternatively, if you already have a jacket you would like me to jazz up then let me know and we can arrange sending it to me and I’ll work on that instead 😁