Hiiii! My name is Gem and I’m in love with all things unique, quirky and colourful 🌈

I live in a little village in Surrey with my husband, daughter and two cat children. I’m a massive nerd and easily fall into unhealthy obsessions with things/people (you’ll see if you follow my Instagram account 😂), my main “issues” being Marvel, RDJ and absolutely anything to do with Japan, a place I like to visit as often as possible with my family.

“We get it, you’re a bit weird. So what do you make?

I love to upcycle denim using crochet and lots of fun bright motifs for kids, usually based on things my kid loves or just stuff I’m inspired by, especially retro nerd stuff (I’m an 80’s baby and love 90’s stuff too). All my items are vegan friendly as I’m vegan myself so I never use animal yarn and tend to favour cotton or cotton/acrylic blends. Items are all second hand items that I’ve either sourced or just stumbled across in charity shops or car boot sales. I really want to create items that will last and be able to be passed down and gifted to others for many years.

The name KimiRoo came from a nickname for my little one and since this is all inspired by her it made sense to name the store after her.

Rambling back story

I’ve always been a pretty creative person. I used to design T-shirts which was followed by studying fashion and textiles at university. I then went on to design costumes for local theatre, dressmaking for friends and family and often making clothes for myself. I worked as a visual merchandiser for a well known retail store and then when my own little one was on the way I took up crochet and learned a skill that I immediately fell in love with.

When bubs was born I struggled to find fun comfy clothes and so I ended up spending most of my time making clothing for her. Now I am a stay home mum and she is a little older it makes sense to share my love of making cute things with other people. It’s difficult to get much time as she is still little and we home ed too, so I just put things up as and when for now and take orders for jackets. I hope in the future to be able to offer more and design new things, but for now I hope you enjoy my little denim creations as much as I enjoy making them.